25 Best Apple TV Apps

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NBA League Pass

Like the MLB TV and NHL.TV apps mentioned before, this is basically the same service, only for the NBA.

The most expensive of the three services, it’ll run you $200 for the whole season or $140 for a five-team package if you have a couple of teams that you adamantly follow. And like the aforementioned apps, there are blackout restrictions to deal with if your team is on local or national television. So if your team makes the playoffs, you’ll more than likely need to invest in an HD antenna to grab your local channels.

Even if you’re not willing to fork over the cash to lock down a full subscription, you can still get access to highlights, standings and stats through the app for free. It’s not quite as comprehensive as MLB TV and NHL.TV, but it accomplishes what most fans need it for: to follow their favorite team from anywhere on the map.

With the ability to watch games whenever you want to, these single-sport apps provide convenience that cable just doesn’t.

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