25 Best Apple TV Apps

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Hulu Plus

Meet the Netflix of cable television. Whereas Netflix primarily focuses on movies, Hulu Plus is almost entirely centered around television shows. It’s not that Hulu doesn’t offer movies — they do, quite a few, in fact — but they have a much more comprehensive television library at their disposal.

Not only does Hulu have partnerships with just about major and minor cable network there is, meaning thousands of hours of television shows from start to finish, but they are about as close to “live” television as you can get without online streaming or having cable. Many shows post to Hulu as soon as the next day, meaning you can stay up to date with your favorite shows without having to wait for the show to stop airing its current season first.

Like Netflix, it costs less than $10 per month to subscribe, and there are nearly an infinite number of possibilities for you to explore. And like Netflix, Hulu is beginning to put out its own exclusive content, meaning you can explore totally new possibilities as you search for shows that you watched in years prior.

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