25 Best Apple TV Apps

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As you’ve probably noticed by now, Apple TV provides a ton of apps that give you unprecedented access to any sport you can think of. We’re talking highlights, archived games and even the ability to stream live games through more than a few of them.

But that’s all very specific and niche. Sports Illustrated’s 120 sports is a bit different. It offers a more bite-sized buffet of news and highlights from every league. Want to get in a few NFL highlights before seeing what you might’ve missed from Major League Baseball? 120 Sports has you covered.

In addition to that, there are ten hours of live programming each day, not to mention oodles and oodles of clips and on-demand match-ups. 120 Sports allows you to keep track of everything without having to invest the time and money that goes into watching every single game.

It’s like a home run, slam dunk, touchdown, spin-o-rama and any other sports term you can think of all rolled into one.