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PBS and PBS Kids

PBS is clearly known for its quality children’s programming, but it also offers more than its fair share of great shows which are available on-demand at all times through the PBS and PBS Kids channels on Apple TV.

Among the free, high-quality content, you’ll find in-depth videos from NewsHour, eclectic performances on Austin City Limits and the downright quirky fun of Antiques Roadshow. The PBS Kids offers the obvious favorite of Cookie Monster, Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang but also includes wholesome and educational favorites like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Super Why.

If you have children, this app is perfect for giving them a large array of wholesome television shows to grow and learn from. Or if you just need to keep them out of your hair for a little bit so you can get things done, the PBS Kids app is definitely one you need to make good use of.

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