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Crunchyroll on Apple TV
Crunchyroll on Apple TV /


Though admittedly I am not a fan of anime or manga, I am aware that there is definitely a demand for quality content of that nature and that it can be hard to come by on streaming giants Netflix and Hulu Plus. That’s where Crunchyroll comes into play.

An impressive number of episodes and videos are available for free, and you could more than get your time’s worth just moving through the free content. Where things really get interesting is through the subscription service. Subscribers get access to thousands of hours of programming and all the latest episodes only an hour after they air in Japan. The $7 per month “Anime Membership” provides all the anime you could possibly want to watch, while the $12/month All-Access plan throws in manga and drama as well.

For lovers of anime and manga, Crunchyroll provides as much quality content as any fan could possibly hope to find. Easily the best app of this genre available.

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