25 Best Apple TV Apps

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Flickr Apple TV app screenshot
Flickr Apple TV app screenshot /


Though Instagram is likely the world’s preeminent app for viewing photos and videos, it doesn’t exist past mobile platforms. So to fill in that gap on the Apple TV, we direct you to the Flickr app.

Flickr looks outstanding on the big screen and is 100 percent free, which is always music to the ears. Vacation photos, family albums or just perusing someone’s awesome collection of random shots makes for an excellent experience and only gets better the bigger the screen you see it on.

And it’s not just photos either: You can browse new and favorite videos, losing hours and hours of time in seemingly an instant. Another cool thing: You can create slideshows or screensavers by searching for keywords. If you don’t think I’m using it to find pictures of the cutest puppies ever and “awwwing” my way deep into the night, then thank you, you clearly thought higher of me than most.

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