25 Best Apple TV Apps

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This is the one of the big boys and easily the most recognizable of any of the apps on this list. Netflix has been around for years, first as a rental service but most recently and famously as the juggernaut streaming service that can be found on just about any and all platforms.

This is the app you’re most likely to fire up and get lost in for hours upon hours. There are countless movies to watch, entire television series, and now, Netflix is starting to produce exclusive content like Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones as well as rebooting the ’90s sitcom Full House.

Another cool aspect of Netflix is that it notices the things you watch and begins to make recommendations based on those things. So you might start out with a few familiar viewings, but will quickly find yourself immersed in something totally new before you know it.

For the incredibly fair price of just $8.99 a month, it’s easy to justify that cost when you get so much in return. If you own an Apple TV, it’s almost your civic duty to not only open Netflix, but to use it as much as humanly possible.

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