25 Best Apple TV Apps

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Though the NFL Now app is a bit different from the others in that it doesn’t allow you to watch live games of your team — Directv still owns the exclusive rights to that thanks to its NFL Sunday Ticket — it is still an app that you’ll definitely get the most out of if you’re a football fan.

Despite not seeing full games, NFL Now is loaded with news, highlights and features that will more than occupy your time. Not only that, you can personalize your experience by logging in and selecting your favorite teams and even your fantasy players. Think about how many people will use this app for that feature alone.

For a $2 monthly subscription, called NFL Plus, users get in-game updates, ads are removed and you get access to a ton of the completely awesome NFL Films archive.

So even though you can’t watch live games as you’d be able to with the MLB, NHL, NBA or even the MLS app, the NFL Now app provides more than enough content to keep you coming back again and again.

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