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iTunes radio on Apple TV
iTunes radio on Apple TV /

iTunes Radio

This is one area where the Apple TV is a little more limited in terms of its selection as opposed to the Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms. Those offer apps like Rdio, Pandora and Spotfiy, hugely popular apps for streaming endless amounts of music on any device.

Unfortunately, those apps are not available for download on the Apple TV (though you can use AirPlay to use those apps and stream them to your television), so your best option is the only channel dedicated to streaming music: iTunes Radio.

It offers the same pre-programmed stations, First Plays and personalization that were previously enjoyed on the iPhone and iPad. For $25 per year, you can even go ad-free, eliminating those pesky commercials that we all know too well.

iTunes Radio isn’t outstanding, but it is the only option for a streaming music player that is available on the Apple TV, so take what you can get.

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