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MLS Live

If you’re a fan of soccer in the United States, I don’t need to tell you that soccer isn’t as nearly readily available as other sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB. So if you can’t get enough soccer, the MLS Live app is perfect for you.

With a yearly subscription fee of $65, it is far and away the most affordable of these subscription-based sports. Users get access to live matches as well as archived games. Not only that, but there is an absolute ton of content that is available to both premium and free users. I’m talking video highlights, analysis and access to full episodes of MLS 36 and MLS Insider.

It’s unclear if there are any blackout restrictions, but given that the sport isn’t as easily accessible as the other major North American sports, it likely isn’t going to be something you’ll run into as often as if you were a subscriber to the other single-sport apps.

This app easily gives you the most bang for your buck without a doubt and an absolute must-have if you’re a soccer fan.

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