7 Classic Pokemon Glitches That Made It To Virtual Console

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Cinnabar Surf Safari

The coast of Cinnabar Island is a janky place. It’s used extensively in a number of glitches, but the easiest is this one. You can catch Safari Zone Pokemon without bothering with rocks and bait and all that nonsense. That includes Chansey and Tauros and all those other persnickety runners! Simply enter the Safari Zone and travel to the area you want Pokemon from. Let your time run out, and once you’re back in Fuchsia City, fly to Cinnabar and Surf up and down the eastern coastline. You’ll run into Safari Pokemon in regular encounters, allowing you to battle and capture them normally.

This actually works with Pokemon from any area of the game. It will load the Pokemon from the last place you were into the line along the coast, but it’s admittedly pretty useless outside of catching Safari Zone Pokemon. Try it out if you’re after that elusive Chansey…or, if you’re really bold, you’ll take it a step further and pursue the infamous Glitch Pokemon itself.

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