7 Classic Pokemon Glitches That Made It To Virtual Console

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Brock Through Walls

This one’s the most complex glitch listed here, and is commonly used by speedrunners to bypass Gym Leader Brock and other huge chunks of the game. Remember the kid that stands to the right of Pewter City and hauls you back to the Gym if you try to leave without fighting Brock? Open your Menu, and make sure the cursor is above the SAVE button. Then close the menu, and walk in front of the kid at the farthest point you can. He’ll begin to talk–close the dialogue boxes using the B button (not A), then open the menu and SAVE the game as soon as they are closed. Finally, reset the game. When you reload the game, you’ll be forced to follow the kid as normal, but when you return to the spot where he was standing, he won’t be there anymore! You can skip Brock completely this way.

To take it a step further, start the game with a Bulbasaur. Make sure Bulba is level 8 and knows Leech Seed, Tackle (with 16 PP remaining), and Growl (with 36 PP remaining). Follow the instructions above, and exit the city to the right. Turn around once you’ve fully left the city, and reenter. The kid will be back. Stand directly to his right, view the stats of your Bulbasaur, then talk to him. A glitch collision will occur, and you can begin walking–don’t stop! As long as you’re walking, you can walk through all the walls you want, even to Saffron City.

I promise this is as complex as it gets. Check out the video above to see a version of this glitch performed.

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