7 Classic Pokemon Glitches That Made It To Virtual Console

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Fishing in Gym Statues

Stupid? Check. Useless? Check. Kinda funny? Check. You can fish in gym statues in the original games! The Good Rod and the Super Rod bring up the “Looks like there’s nothing there…” message, but the Old Rod will actually allow you to fish up, battle, and catch wild Magikarp at level 5. This works in almost every gym (Saffron and Cinnabar are exceptions) and most of the Elite Four room statues, as well.

Wait. If you can fish, can you also Surf? It turns out; you can. No wild Pokemon will appear, and you can’t really go anywhere, but yeah. Hop astride your little Surf sprite Pokemon and enjoy the sound of invisible waves lapping up against a Pokemon statue.

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