7 Classic Pokemon Glitches That Made It To Virtual Console

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Finished your Pokemon Virtual Console adventure and looking for more to do? The original games are full of unintended secrets.

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Some of my fondest memories are of sitting around a cafeteria table at latchkey after school with a group of kids, Gameboys out, eagerly bragging and swapping stories about our latest Pokemon escapades. This was before we all had access to Internet guides, cheats, and stories revealing every last inch of the latest Pokemon game. For us, Mew hidden under a truck near the S.S. Anne was a real thing, and MissingNo was absolutely terrifying. The original Pokemon games were chock full of weird programming quirks. I assumed that when the game came to Virtual Console, they’d be removed. But they’re all still there!

Though I recognize the irony of posting something on the Internet demystifying the experience for those new to the games, I can’t help but share my love for these bizarre glitches, and delight (sometimes exasperation) at finding them all still intact when I load up the game on my 3DS. Some are useful, some are messy, and a couple are downright stupid; all of them are worth discovering and rediscovering.

Here are seven of the best-known/most interesting glitches from the original Pokemon games, and how you can encounter them either in original copies, or the 3DS VC version.

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