30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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15. Downwell

I think I can sum up a big reason why lots of people like this game with just one word: gunboots.

I’ve never seen gunboots in the real world, but I have to imagine that if they existed, wells wouldn’t be nearly as scary as they sometimes are. In the case of Downwell, our hero feels confident enough to seek out treasure and glory at the bottom of the well because he does have a pair of gunboots.

What follows is one of the more unique gaming experiences of the year, rendered with graphics so retro, I don’t even know what system of old they’re supposed to resemble. It’s challenging too, though that seems to have turned off a decent number of people who gave it user reviews.

That held its overall score down in our system, but this one was a critical darling, one I’d expect many reviewers have in their top five or even three iPhone games of 2015.

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