30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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20. Chaos Rings III

If there’s one thing that Square Enix can do on iOS, it’s putting out RPGs that are worth paying to play. Chaos Rings III was developed by Media Vision, but its turn-based battles and classic JRPG stylings fit in perfectly with Square Enix’s self-developed offerings.

Both critics and gamers appreciated the way this entry in the series kept what was successful from its predecessors while making some new tweaks as well. It’s a pretty game from a visual standpoint and includes dozens of hours of content, a must if you’re going to charge a premium price for an iPhone game.

Even the game’s naysayers game it credit for trying something different, and that’s always good to hear about a big company release like this. The guess here is that there’s always going to be an appetite for JRPGs you can play on your iPhone, and there will probably be more Chaos Rings titles to help fill it.

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