30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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1. This War of Mine

I’ve told this story before on this site, but it bears repeating. The first time I saw This War of Mine was a few E3s ago, and right away I was struck by how different and compelling it was. I also wondered why 11 bit studios didn’t bring it to mobile, thinking it would work well on touchscreens, and darned if they weren’t thinking the same thing.

So what’s so unique about This War of Mine? It’s a game about war, but not a wargame. It explores the lives of regular people touched by war, the civilians whose stories rarely if ever get told in video game form. Fans of The Walking Dead might recognize the touch choices and moral dilemmas you encounter, though the impetus behind them is something that’s only too real for people unlucky enough to live in certain parts of the world.

There’s no right or wrong way to play the game, as long as you can live with your decisions. There’s also no goal, no ending, except to survive until the war ends. That might not sound all that challenging — and it definitely isn’t “fun,” if that matters to you — but it will test you in ways you won’t expect.

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Some minor modifications needed to be made to make the game on a phone screen, but nothing that takes away from the overall package. I have no qualms about This War of Mine emerging from our makeshift system as the best iPhone game of 2015, as it certainly is worthy of that honor.