30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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2. PAC-MAN 256

Some ideas just seem like winners as soon as you hear them. PAC-MAN 256 was one of those. I mean, the creators of Crossy Road turning Pac-Man into an endless challenge and even paying tribute to a famous glitch from the original arcade game? Take my money! Or rather, don’t take my money, since this one is free-to-play.

The great thing about this game is that it adds cool stuff like power-ups and the urgency provided by the ever-advancing glitch while remaining true in spirit to an arcade classic. Your goal is still to chow down on as many dots as possible, using power pellets and those aforementioned power-ups to turn the tables on ghosts, all of whom have their own unique logic.

Plus there are really two ways to play: either try for the highest possible score or go for the 256-dot combo that clears the screen and gives you a rare sense of accomplishment for an endless game. You can also play with the power-ups or without, so there’s some variety even in doing the same thing repeatedly. That’s something Hipster Whale now seems to have down to a science.

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