30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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6. Dragon Quest V

Hey, what do you know — it’s another Dragon Quest game! Why is this one higher on the list than the installment that followed it?

Part of it could be the mystique factor. While Dragon Quest V was released for the Nintendo DS six years ago, it was the first game in the series not to be ported to North America back in the 90s. That meant a lengthy wait to see what it was all about, and I think some of that feeling carried over to its iOS release as well.

Dragon Quest V also introduces some cool concepts layered on top of its RPG fundamentals, such as The Hero growing from a boy to a man with a family of his own, along with the ability to have monsters join his party.

On top of that, it’s simply one of the finest examples of an original story in a fantasy RPG on any platform ever, as noted in TouchArcade’s review. It really made a nice transition to mobile, so if you’re going to spend some money on a role-playing game for your iPhone, this should be one of the first titles you consider. Worth the wait, in other words.

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