30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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7. Her Story

Here’s another game that warrants high marks just on sheer creativity alone. Her Story challenges you to play detective by watching a bunch of video clips stored in a police database. Yes, this required a bunch of actual actors, and yes, if you’re old enough, it will remind you of full-motion video games of days gone by. Except good.

The fun part of the gameplay is that it relies almost entirely on how observant you are. There are details within details to uncover, all of them crucial to help you get to the bottom of a very interesting story.

Gamers who didn’t like Her Story were mostly of the opinion that there wasn’t enough “game” to it. That point of view is understandable, even if it relies on a fairly limited definition of what that term means. This was one of the more unique experiences to hit iPhone in 2015, one that simply set itself apart from the pack by daring to be different. We need more games like that.

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