30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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8. Lara Croft GO

Count me among the people who thought Hitman GO was a stylish take on turning a stealth action franchise into something very much like a board game. That still didn’t answer the question people had about how Lara Croft GO would fare when given the same treatment.

The answer was that it wasn’t, at least not exactly. While this game definitely builds on the thoughtful, turn-based design of the previous GO, it goes far beyond in terms of its storytelling and overall atmosphere. Any thoughts of how it’s a crime to put Lara into a primarily puzzle-solving role quickly melt awayonce you start playing. It’s just that easy to get lost in the overall feel, and the difficulty level of the obstacles in your way ramps up at a very nice pace.

It was also pretty clear from both the critic and player reviews that Lara Croft GO wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s alright, though, because if Square Enix Montreal has proven anything, it’s that it knows how to design awesome mobile games within certain constraints. Creative types assure me that’s often easier than starting with a completely blank sheet of paper, and whether that’s true or not, this is one game that makes a powerful case for that train of thought.

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