30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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9. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more mech games out for iPhone. Doesn’t there seem like a void that a really great Gundam or BattleTech or … I don’t know, something with big walking war machines from some IP game could fill?

Implosion – Never Lose Hope doesn’t qualify completely in that regard, but it comes close since it does actually feature mechs, and damn, does it look sweet. Gamezebo’s review points out that it was released by a developer not known for its action bona fides, which makes it all the more impressive.

The controls work well, and the hack and slash gameplay is nicely balanced. There’s enough mech customization to scratch that particular itch, and the boss battles are almost worth the price of admission on their own.

I’ll keep holding out hope for that licensed fare I’m craving, but if studios can make enough games like this, I might not need it after all.

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