30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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The first BADLAND was pretty darn good but seemed to lack that certain something to elevate it into the Game of the Year discussion. BADLAND 2, on the other hand? Yeah, it probably deserves that kind of talk.

It just squeaked onto our list since it was released in mid-December, but it managed to get enough critic and player reviews to qualify. And the people who reviewed it really loved it, with TouchArcade awarding the game a perfect score just before Christmas, lauding the way the developers managed to add new game mechanics without losing what made the first game so enjoyable.

Interestingly, Frogmind tinkered with BADLAND quite a bit after its release and still decided to scale things back for this sequel. So this is the counter-argument to the “bigger is better” philosophy, scaling things back to 30 levels and concentrating on getting those just right.

It works, mostly by making those levels expand in different directions and giving you new tools with which to tackle them. BADLAND 2 is also one of the prettiest games you’ll see on iPhone, which is something nearly all of our top 10 games have in common.

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