30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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11. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Do we have a sequel problem in the mobile games industry? It occurred to me while putting this list together that there are an awful lot of sequels in our top 30, though they’re still well outnumbered by original concepts. This isn’t one of the latter, but it was still a lot of fun.

It also kind of doesn’t count if we’re talking sequelitis (a word I just made up) since Geometry Wars 3 released for consoles and PC back in 2014 and we just knew it would eventually make its way to mobile. The idea that patience is a virtue applied to this game as well, since iPhone users ended up getting the updated version that included a bunch of new levels, new boss battles and more.

What’s great about Geometry Wars 3 to me personally is that there’s really no way a dual-stick shooter should work on mobile at all. I mean, if there’s one genre that shouldn’t translate to a phone screen, this would be it, but somehow this series has been defying the logic for three straight outings, with many gamers feeling like this was the best one to date.

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