30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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12. Prune

It’s hard to imagine there’s a more divisive title on this list. Time named this its video game of the year, while reviewers and gamers couldn’t even get this into the top 10 on our list. The latter group, especially, didn’t seem to think it quite lived up to all the hype.

In terms of pure originality, there’s no doubt Prune deserves a perfect score. If there was a previous video game on any platform that revolved around trying to help a tree grow, cutting away branches to allow other ones to grow where there’s more potential to help the overall plant thrive, I definitely missed it.

The gameplay is simple yet completely appropriate, and few other titles were able to establish a mood as well as this one. As the Gamezebo review of Prune noted, it’s a game that inspires feelings of not only success but also ownership when you are doing well.

Yet it still has its detractors, proving once again it’s difficult for any game to be all things to all people. Love it or hate it, Prune was one of the year’s most intriguing releases, and there’s no argument about that.

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