30 Best iPhone Games Of 2015

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13. The Room Three

The age old question continues to reverberate throughout the gaming industry today: does bigger mean better?

I’m not sure The Room Three provides a definitive answer, but if nothing else, it proved popular enough to keep the series chugging along. If it seemed a long way gone from the original title that fascinated people simply by asking them to unlock a group of successively more difficult puzzle boxes, that’s because it was. Gamers didn’t seem to mind, though, downloading it in droves.

What Fireproof Games managed to keep intact was the way it felt to handle the objects in The Room Three. The word “tactile” was always used a lot to describe its predecessors, and the fact that it still readily applies to a much larger, more expansive game is perhaps the developers’ most impressive achievement.

Who knows if there’s more room to bigger still to give us a fourth installment, but after playing this one, I wouldn’t bet against it.

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