How To Get More Crystals In Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes


It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that Crystals make the galaxy go ’round in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but they sure do come in handy. Not only can you use the game’s premium currency to refill your Energy and refresh your battles in the Squad Arena, they’re the only way to buy the Chromium Data Cards that will earn you the game’s best characters and shards.

That leads to an obvious question: how does one get more Crystals? The most obvious way is to spend real money, as Galaxy of Heroes offer crystals in a number of different bundles, including the most popular format in mobile gaming right now, which is a booster that gives you 100 Crystals every day for 21 days (plus a bonus 300 up front).

But let’s say you’d rather not shell out any dough. There are several ways to earn Crystals through daily play, though it can take some time before they add up to any real purchasing power, even if you tackle all of these methods.

  • Complete Daily Activities – This is probably the best way to assure yourself of some Crystals every day. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you are missing out if you don’t complete the entire slate of Daily Activities, because they’re also fantastic for leveling up faster, earning Sim Tickets and more. You’ll find the Daily Activities tab in the lower-right corner of the main game screen; tapping it will bring up what you still have left to do. The list grows as you unlock new game modes too. Finish off the entire list and you’ll earn bonus Crystals and XP. Daily Activities reset daily at midnight (at least for this writer; your reset time may vary depending on location).
  • Knock Out Some Achievements -You may know achievements as the best way to grab some Darth Vader shards, but some of them yield Crystals as well. This isn’t a complete list, but the Earner, Arena Fight, Smuggler’s Run and Galactic Conquest achievements all offer Crystals upon successful completion, and they give you higher targets for which to shoot after turning them in the first time.
  • Play the Squad Arena Daily – Even if you’re not super crazy about PvP play, you’ll want to test yourself against other players’ teams in the Squad Arena. That’s because you receive a daily reward email based on your rank, and even if you stink, you’ll get 15 Crystals a day for ranking in the lowest tier provided you remain active in the Squad Arena. Free Crystals should be reason enough to participate.
  • Wage Galactic War – Once you’ve built up a nice roster of characters and leveled them up, you’ll want to play the Galactic War mode every day. While the battles along the map get increasingly difficult as you go, you get to use your entire collection to aid in your efforts, and every victory lets you open a new rewards chest — some of which have Crystals inside.
  • Win New Battles – This is the slowest way to earn Crystals, but grinding out some new single-player levels does net you some. The first time you defeat a Normal stage, you’ll get one Crystal, and you’ll grab two the first time you take down a Hard stage. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

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