40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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34. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Release date: October 27, 2011

Developer: Gameloft Montreal

Publisher: Gameloft

There are always going to be control questions when it comes to certain genres on mobile, a truth that has launched more than one virtual thumbstick-induced tirade in this very space. First-person shooters don’t always fare all that well on iOS for that very reason, but Gameloft has managed to do just fine with the Modern Combat series, of which Modern Combat 3 was the high water mark.

This game had everything you could possibly hope for from a mobile FPS. The production values were best in class at the time of its release, with lush graphics and voice actors for all the main parts. The story was the kind of high drama fare you usually find in 21st Century shooters, multiplayer was viable (most of the time) and the controls weren’t horrible. That’s actually high praise.

Modern Combat 3 even worked quick-time events into the mix, and if your memory of gaming history reaches back to 2011, you might recall that those were all the rage in console games at the time. Then again, Gameloft has always been pretty good at seeing what works on consoles and making it a reality on mobile, especially if the traditional companies aren’t working on something similar.

In other words, since there’s never been big pushes for Call of Duty or Battlefield on iOS, it allows games like Modern Combat 3 to fill the void. In this case, it did a fine job.

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