40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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38. Game Dev Story

Release date: October 9, 2010

Developer: Kairosoft

Publisher: Kairosoft

This was one of the exceptions we referred to earlier, as Game Dev Story was born as a Japanese PC game way back in the 90s. More people know it as a mobile game released around the world, however, which is why we felt it was eligible on our list of the best iOS games ever.

As sims go, you can find examples that are deeper or more involved, but perhaps none that cut right to the heart of one of the burning questions of gamers everywhere: what goes into making a successful video game, anyway?

Save for extensive interviewing of top talent or actually landing a job as a developer, playing this game is the best way to find out. Even if the video game industry doesn’t hold a lot of personal appeal to you, chances are that you might fall in love with gameplay that many people have called addictive or the cute, pixel-based graphics that have become Kairosoft’s calling card.

On a personal level, I enjoy any game that makes me feel somewhat important by giving game critics some power. The titles you produce in Game Dev Story have to sell well and satisfy the critics, and that says … something. Also, when the primary App Store complaints about a sim like this are that people don’t want it to end after 20 years, Kairosoft has obviously done something right.

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