40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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7. Cut the Rope

Release date: October 5, 2010

Developer: ZeptoLab

Publisher: Chillingo

There’s another mobile game that deals with candy that is pretty famous. Critics and players just think this one is better.

Cut the Rope gave the world Om Nom, a candy-obsessed … thing of some sort who lives for sweets, apparently immune to things like cavities and empty calories. The high concept here is that you’ve got to cut the ropes by swiping across the screen and using the physics-based mechanics to your advantage. But like the game itself says, “it’s not always easy.”

You’re confronted not by the puzzles inherent in the levels themselves but also by the extra effort you’ll need to go to collecting the three golden stars in each one. Plus there are enemies roaming around, and all of it combines to make the perfect blend of accessibility and challenge. Indeed, it’s fair to call this one of the few iOS games that really does hold appeal to just about all ages and sensibilities of gamers.

It’s also cute, which undoubtedly helped it go on to produce a number of sequels. None of them, however, are held in as much esteem as the original, which is deserving of its lofty status on this list. Thanks Om Nom, whatever you are.