40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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21. Beat Sneak Bandit

Release date: February 16, 2012

Developer: Simogo

Feel the rhythm! That’s actually more of a demand than a request, by the way. Not trying to be pushy, just attempting to get you in the proper mindset to enjoy this unique puzzle game.

In one of the few games ever to ask you to commit burglary as a main goal (as opposed to the armed robbery and worse of something like Grand Theft Auto), Beat Sneak Bandit asks you to help the title character steal back all the clocks of the world from the bad guy. He’s more of the Robin Hood of cat burglars in that respect.

Pulling off his heists requires good timing, because you’ve got to tap the screen in time with the beat. Doing so will help you outwit or evade a full array of guards, traps and other obstacles. It requires perfect timing that needs to be even sharper as you progress.

Like many other great iOS games, Beat Sneak Bandit also has a unique visual style that helps set the proper tone. It’s a game that’s just hard not to let creep into your heart, which is just fine provided you don’t have any clocks stashed in there. And you really shouldn’t.

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