40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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40. Super Hexagon

Release date: August 31, 2012

Developer: Terry Cavanagh

Publisher: Terry Cavanagh

Can one person make a difference in this crazy world of ours? I like to think so, but one thing I’m more certain of is that a single man can make a darn good iOS game.

Super Hexagon came pretty close to setting off my migraine headaches, but for everyone that could take in the insanely simple but vivid graphics, it was an awesome package. Gamezebo explained it as “merciless difficulty meets brilliant design,” and it’s hard to argue with that description.

Since “real gamers” praise hard games, it’s worth noting that even sites that don’t mess too much with mobile games, like Destructoid, praised Super Hexagon. More than that, it was a terrific example of how things don’t need to be bigger to be better when it comes to iOS titles, a theme you’ll see in various other places on this list.

The cool thing is that Cavanagh managed to do minimist action justice with this game but showed he wasn’t a one-hit wonder with another game you’ll see a little bit later. In the meantime, you can go back to convincing me how good you are at Super Hexagon, but you’ll excuse me if I need to see pics as proof.

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