40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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24. Reckless Racing 2

Release date: February 2, 2012

Developer: Polarbit

Sometimes you can explain why people like a game so much just by listing all the things has going for it. Let’s try that with Reckless Racing 2, shall we?

For starters, it has the same fun, arcade-style racing as the first game in the series, with competition on both dirt and paved tracks. It offers buttons you can move around to your liking to help get the controls down, and both the graphics and audio effects are superb.

What else? Oh, there’s a career mode in this one that the first game didn’t have, and you can participate in online multiplayer races too (though there have been complaints over the years about the stability of said online races). There are also plenty of cars to collect and tune, and lots of them even look like famous rides from the real world even if they are officially generic.

So to review, fun gameplay, good looks and some depth to boot. Sounds like a winner to me, enough to make Reckless Racing 2 not just one of the top mobile racers of all time, but one of the best games period.

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