40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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31. Rayman Jungle Run

Release date: September 20, 2012

Developer: Pastagames

Publisher: Ubisoft

Everybody loves Rayman. I think there was even a television series to that effect. What’s that? The TV show was about some guy named Raymond and not Rayman? Oh well …

Bad jokes aside, part of what makes Rayman Jungle Run so great is that Ubisoft could have taken the easy route and just slapped the Rayman name on an endless runner and called it a day. Plenty of other companies, who shall remain nameless here, have done something like that.

Instead, the company had Pastagames devise something that was true to the brand’s platformer roots, but simplified for mobile devices with one-touch controls. Quite simply, this is casual gaming done right, easy to grasp and dive into but with just enough challenge and replay value to keep people interested for the long haul, which is why it’s still getting updates nearly three years after its launch. The gorgeous art style, influenced by Rayman Origins, also doesn’t hurt.

The next time one of your friends turns his or her nose up at the mention of a beloved console franchise that is coming to iOS, please point that person in the direction of this game and reassure them that while it’s not a guarantee that everything will turn out fine, there’s at least a chance that it will.

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