Why Do Apps Get Rejected? Apple Shares The Top 10 Reasons


The iOS App Store acceptance process might still have an element of mystery to it, but Apple has removed some of it by sharing some more insight into the most common reasons that mobile apps are rejected.

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As ZDNet reports, Apple’s list runs down the top 10 reasons apps were rejected during the week ending August 28. Number one? “More information needed.” App developers, please make sure you are accurately describing your products to increase your chances of getting into the App Store. Fourteen percent of rejections were due to a lack of information, far and away the number one reason.

In second place at eight percent was Guideline 2.2: Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected. I’m sure we can easily trade stories about apps and games that make it through and still have bugs, but it’s nice to know that if there are too many, Apple will draw the line somewhere.

Image courtesy of Apple.

Several other reasons in the top 10 can be avoided just by making sure apps are actually finished before being submitted for App Store approval. Apple apparently rejects plenty of apps for having placeholder text, having different names in iTunes Connect and on the device itself, and for calling themselves beta, trial or test versions. The lesson for developers here is pretty clear: finish your app first before you submit it.

The list is far from a complete set when it comes to all of the causes that could trip up an app’s approval — the top 10 reasons combined still only account for 58 percent of total rejections — but it’s still and informative look at a process that many people have wondered about.

(via ZDNet)