Madden 25 way too early predictions: Best rated QBs

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6. Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers) - 87 OVR

The Los Angeles Chargers were atrocious last season and the team's dysfunction clearly affected Herbert's play. He had career lows in yards (3,134) and touchdowns (20) but I don't think EA penalizes him too much for one year -- especially given his dominance in the first three seasons of his career.

Herbert finished last season rated 87 in Madden 24, the same as Jalen Hurts and just behind Tua Tagovailoa and Dak Prescott. To be honest, the quarterbacks besides the big four (Allen, Burrow, Jackson and Mahomes) can all be interchangeable any given week. I think Herbert will start the year outside the top five in Madden 25 but I could see this changing if he plays up to his potential.

5. Dak Prescott ( Dallas Cowboys) - 88 OVR

What do we make of Dak Prescott after another disappointing playoff showing? He's one of the best regular-season quarterbacks to play the game, but can't seem to win when it counts. Is it because he's only good enough to beat the bad teams?

Regardless of his playoff inefficiencies, Dak Prescott is, statistically speaking, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He led the league with 36 touchdown passes and threw only 9 interceptions, proving his turnovers in 2022 were a fluke. He was also third in passing yards with 4,516. You don't put up these kind of stats unless you're a top tier talent.

Prescott will always have a target on his back because of the fact he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Haters will always say he's overrated, but statistically, he's a top 5 quarterback and I think it will be reflected with his rating in Madden 25.

4. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) - 92 OVR

Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson are all in that second tier of great quarterbacks. They are all Super Bowl-caliber quarterbacks who have the unfortunate luck of playing against Patrick Mahomes. Perhaps no one knows this heartbreak more than Josh Allen. The Bills quarterback has come up just short of the Super Bowl on multiple occasions in his career. But he's still one of the most talented playmakers under center.

I've got Josh Allen at a 91 overall in Madden 25 which is actually a point lower than where he finished in Madden 24.

Allen is known for his big playmaking ability with his cannon arm in the air or his large frame on the ground. But he also has a tendency to make the wrong reads or force the ball into tight coverage, resulting in an alarming number of turnovers. In 2023, he threw for a career-high 18 interceptions. While he only threw for 29 touchdowns, he did rush for another 15 on the ground.

There's no denying Allen is one of the best in the league, but he's another year older, which could start to take a toll on his physical style of play. He also needs another receiving weapon outside of Diggs.