Villains we want to see next in Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe

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Players who’ve played through Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Spider-Man 2 have undoubtedly noticed that there are a plethora of villains to fight. Mysterio, Kingpin, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Rhino, Vulture, Prowler and many others have already been featured.

Furthermore (light spoilers for Spider-Man 2 ahead), thanks to Kraven’s inclusion in the most recent game, most of them are dead. He went around killing several of Spidey’s biggest foes, so the pool of talent to draw from has become more shallow.

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Nevertheless, Spider-Man has a rich history and plenty of villains to draw from. Here are the ones that are begging to be featured in Insomniac’s budding and impressive universe.


Whether it’s in a DLC for Spider-Man 2 or as part of Spider-Man 3, Carnage is all but assured to get his place in the Insomniac-verse. He was teased in The Flame side quest in SM2, and he will more than likely show up after someone who may be known as Cletus Kasady got his hands on the last remaining symbiote.

He is an iconic and terrifying villain from Spider-Man’s world. Venom was frightening in his own right during the game, but Carnage is another animal entirely.

Green Goblin

Again, this is a very likely inclusion. In fact, it looks as if the Insomniac-verse has already laid the seeds for the Green Goblin’s appearance. The Spider-Men’s alleged inability to save Harry Osborn has Norman Osborn looking for revenge and asking about “G-Serum”. If that doesn’t suggest that “Gobby” is on his way, then nothing will.

The Goblin is arguably the biggest villain Spider-Man has. From the personal connection to Norman to the insanity that Green Goblin has, he stands out every time he has been featured. It’s high time the Insomniac developers put that to use.


If Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse taught Sony anything, it’s that the Spot should be featured more. Not only is his powerset unique, it’s pretty terrifying and would pose a significant threat to New York and the world. Both Spider-Man games have pushed the envelope, and Spot’s powers could be their ticket to doing so again.

Should Insomniac look to expand the world again, then Spot is a necessary addition. His ability to go to different places in the world and even other dimensions adds a layer of exploration that the previous games have not necessarily had.


Chameleon could be Insomniac’s ticket for reversing the death of previous villains. At this point, Venom, Shocker, Rhino, Scorpion and others are completely gone. With Chameleon’s powers, they could be brought back for a brief time. It would be nostalgic and position Chameleon as a major threat.

He likely wouldn’t be the main villain, but he could function in the opener role for a potential Spider-Man 3.


Whether it’s in a prequel game or with someone else taking up the mantle, Prowler needs to be featured more than he was. Serving as a minor (emphasis on that word) antagonist to Miles Morales in his game, the Prowler was an existing villain that undoubtedly had run-ins with Peter Parker‘s Spidey.

They could explore the past there, or they could have someone taking up Prowler’s mantle. Uncle Aaron is reformed, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t influence someone to follow in his footsteps before he quit.