AEW Fight Forever: A second look one month later

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The main campaign is also odd

The Road to the Elite is the only meat on the bone for single players. It also acts as the only way to level up your created wrestler. Do you want to add springboard attacks over the ropes? Do you want a second finisher? Do you want to unlock 99.9% of the weapons and mini-games? All this must be done through grinding the main campaign.

I like the main campaign. Its odd quirks make it stand out. This is the only wrestling game that cares deeply about you eating food at restaurants. This is the only mode where you get to hear the commentators speak full sentences. This is the only mode that feels like it could also play well on a cellphone.

I still have yet to do this, but I want to enjoy the entirety of AEW Fight Forever I need to beat the campaign at least four times.  This unlocks explosive weapons, characters, mini-games, and new content. Right now the content store (the place where you buy new assets) is lame until I beat the game.

One note about the music

I commented that the music in the lobby and opening screen was better than the WWE’s game music. I feel like I should qualify that as long as you don’t listen to one particular awful song. You know the song that I am talking about. The hip-hop song that repeats over and over:

I’m not a narcissist
I’m not a narcissist
I’m not a narcissist
I’m not a narcissist
I’m not a narcissist

I will purchase a DLC that omits this song.


I gave this game a score of 6 out of 10. I still think that score is appropriate. The wrestling holds out against the odd choices and omissions.  Albeit, that score is based on the promise that other content will make this game feel “complete.” I feel dirty for saying that and I wouldn’t give this grace to any other genre of game, but it is good that we are getting more wrestling game options.