Diablo IV: All 15 Extremely Rare Monster locations

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Diablo IV has an unholy amount of things to do and challenges to take part in. One of those to find and kill all 15 of the “extremely rare” monsters in the open world. Below, we take you through all 15 of them and their locations.

Getting all 15 of these will net you an in-game challenge and a title “Merciless Pursuer” as well as some of the game’s top-tier items. They are scattered all over the map, so each one below has an image of its location to help you out. Here we go.

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Gaspar Stilbian / Scosglen / Highland Wilds section

You’ll find him in the little outcove directly above my player’s location on this map

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Garbhan Ennai / Scosglen / The Downs section

Just a bit north of the Altar of Lilith on the map

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Corlin Hulle / Fractured Peaks / Seat of the Heavens section

Right out in the open in this section in the north-east end of Fractured Peaks

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Blind Edlin / Scosglen / Shrouded Moors section

This is the red area in the northeast of Scosglen, can’t miss it once you are here

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Lord Eonan / Scosglen / Deep Forest section

Western edge of this area in the open between both fast travel points.

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Rotsplinter / Fractured Peaks / Pallid Glade section

Center of map, just west of Kyovashad. You’ll find Rotsplinter in the outcove right by the marker.

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Sir Lynna / Fractured Peaks / Frigid expanse section

This section wraps around Kyovashad to the east and north. He is in the section just north of Kyovashad

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Wrathful Osgar Reede / Fractured Peaks / Pallid Glade section

Wrathful Osgar Reede is found in the southern section, south west of Kyovashad.

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Enkil / Hawezar / Rotspill Delta

This is the far eastern edge of this area almost against the end of the map. It is directly west of an Altar of Lilith.

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Renn & Claudia Dayne / Hawezar / Dismal Foothills

Located right next to the climb up and down marker on the map.

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Bhotak the Inevitable / Dry Steppes / Khargai crags section

Just like Thanos, he’s inevitable if you go looking. Bhotak the Inevitable is found directly south of the jump navigation markers on the map.

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Pitiless Gur / Dry Steppes / Chambatar Ridge section

Pitiless Gur is located right out in the open next to the mini-dungeon here.

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Zarozar the Mighty / Dry Steppes / Untamed Scars section

Hidden away in the open in this area which is easy to get to but takes a bit with no mount as it’s not really near a travel point.

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Qiniel / Kehjistan / southern expanse section

Almost the southwest corner of the entire map, just below the altar of lilith

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Almunn / Dry Steppes / Scarred coast section

Far side western edge against the border end of the game’s map here.

And there you have it! All 15 extremely rare monsters in Diablo IV done and done. If you’re not sure what you are missing, you can check the challenge menu section in the game’s progress to show you and just follow the guide. Good luck.