Minecraft Legends: How to find all three unlockable mounts

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Now that Minecraft Legends has been released, gamers have gotten the opportunity to explore the Overworld and start their adventure against the Piglin Army. To make exploration easier in Minecraft Legends, you are able to use Mounts to get around the Overworld quicker.

There are a total of four mounts, three of which require you to find them in different biomes to unlock them before you can use them. The great thing about unlocking new mounts is that each mount offers unique abilities that the others do not. When you are searching for Mounts in their respective biomes, they will appear as question marks on the map. When you officially find the Mounts you are looking for, the question mark will turn into a Mount logo, so you know exactly where it is on the map.

Horse Mount

The Horse Mount is the mount that you start out with when you first begin your Minecraft Legends journey. Having the Horse mount available from the start is a big advantage to help get around the map easier. The rest of the mounts will require you to do a bit of traveling and discovering before you can use them.

Brilliant Beetle Mount

In order to find the Brilliant Beetle Mount, you are going to have to search throughout the Jungle Biome. The Brilliant Beetle Mount has some of the most unique features of any of the Mounts in Minecraft Legends. With the Brilliant Beetle Mount, you can climb over obstacles and walls, making it very easy to explore and travel around the Overworld.

In order to use this feature of the Mount, all you have to do is ride towards whatever you are looking to climb over, and the Mount will do the rest of the work. Plus, if you are trying to invade enemy bases, this is your best choice of Mount you would want to take on an attack. It can scale enemy bases very easily. Also, you have the ability to glide down from high areas using this mount making for a safe landing.

Big Beak Mount

If you travel to the Jagged Peaks biome, you will have a chance to come across the Big Beak Mount. The Big Beak Mount excels in jumping. While using this Mount, you have the ability to double jump and slowly glide down to safety much like the Brilliant Beetle Mount. Double jumping can be useful in certain situations and so will the glide down safety feature.

Regal Tiger Mount

The final Minecraft Legends Mount that you can find is the Regal Tiger Mount. This Mount can be found by looking through the Dry Savannah biome. This Mount is similar to the Horse Mount, but is a bit more durable. This also appears to be the fastest Mount in Minecraft Legends, which makes covering ground a lot easier to do. Minecraft Legends is built around exploring, so this may be a Mount you find yourself using quite a bit.

Unlocking these Mounts isn’t the hard part but finding them might take a bit of time. If you travel into the respective biomes, you should have no problem finding these Mounts. Just look at as many question marks in the area and you are bound to find them eventually. You never know when you might need each Mount to give you an advantage for whatever activities you are trying to accomplish. That is why it is better to have all four than just one of them. I also would not be surprised if at some point Minecraft Legends has an update that includes more Mounts for players to purchase/unlock.

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