Teamfight Tactics is scrapping mid-set updates but for a very good reason

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Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5, Glitched Out, is set to go live tomorrow. It’s a mid-set update to the current set, Monsters Attack!, introducing Glitched Out Carousels, new traits and champions, new hero augments more cosmetics.

On the eve of Glitched Out’s release, Riot Games has released a developer update discussing the future of mid-set updates in TFT. And in the video, game director Peter Whalen and gameplay director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer dropped a major bombshell; Riot Games will no longer be doing mid-set updates.

Why is TFT ending mid-set updates?

As Whalen explains, mid-set updates have been used as ways to correct player pains in current sets. They are also used as ways to expand upon things that players love.

But ultimately what it comes down to is mid-set updates “just aren’t super exciting.” After reviewing the data, Riot found that mid-set updates “don’t bring players back to TFT like a fully new set.” Even though mid-set updates introduce some changes to the set’s mechancis and new champions, the changes “feel negligible or just too small.”

Mid-set updates serve mostly the most competitive players. But for most TFT players, it feels like more of the same but with a few twists. Players want entirely new themes and new strategies,  Mort also acknowledged that even competitive players prefer an entirely new set.

What’s replacing mid-set updates?

Don’t worry, Riot has a plan for removing the mid-set updates. In their place, we’ll be getting an entirely new set. Rather than two full new sets each year, we’ll now be getting three new sets.

To help pull this off, Riot has expanded upon TFT’s historically small team. They’ve hired more developers to work on the game.

The switch to three full sets means a longer production timeline which hopefully results in a higher-quality release for each set. TFT has often struggled with bugs and glitches that aren’t caught until the set is live. Each set will also have its own developer pod working on it.

Following Glitched Out’s release, there will be one more mid-set update with Set 9 later this year. But it sounds like there are even bigger plans.

“We’re so happy you got here early because after our 10th set hits, and it will hit, you can expect us to transition to Set11, 12, and 13 over the course of 2024, bringing new mechanics, thematic, events, game modes, cosmetics, rosters and creative combinations to uncover set after set,” Mort concluded.

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