Is Deceive, Inc. on Xbox One?

Sweet Bandits Studios
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Deceive, Inc is set to launch later this month on March 21, 2023 — but will it be coming to Xbox One?

The upcoming action, strategy game from Sweet Bandits Studios, Deceive, Inc, drops players into a world where deceit and subterfuge is the key to success. Players must disguise themselves as an innocent passerby, sneak around and complete objectives, and use a variety of other covert tactics, all before your opposing spies beat you to victory.

Deceive, Inc offers a diverse range of characters to choose from, each with their own unique weapons and skills. Craft your loadout from a collection of creative spy gadgets, including the bullet proof umbrella or the Holo-mimic. Each one could give you the edge you need to be the top espionage agent.

The game features online PvP and online Co-Op, as well as Cross-Platform multiplayer. With that in mind, players will likely be curious to know whether Deceive, Inc will be available on last-get consoles, such as the Xbox One.

Is Deceive, Inc coming to Xbox One?

Sadly, no. Deceive, Inc will not be launching on the Xbox One. The game will only be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S systems.

Xbox Series X|S players can pre-order the game for $19.99, ahead of its global release on March 21, 2023. A deluxe Black Tie Edition is also available for digital pre-order at $29.99, which includes the following:

  • Black Tie outfits for all 8 Agents
  • Black Tie Profile Portrait
  • Black Tie Profile Title
  • 1,000 Deceive Inc. Bonds
  • Deceive Inc. Full Game

It’s unlikely that Deceive, Inc will receive a last-generation console port, so it seems Xbox One owners will miss out on this adventure.