Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide: How to easily beat Lu Bu

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Wo Long : Fallen Dynasty has some crazy hard bosses. In fact,  it’s one of the few games where the tutorial boss is harder than most in the game.  One of these difficult bosses is Lu Bu, aka the horse guy. This guide will tell you exactly how to beat him easily in two simple, different ways. It helps if you have a dual-wield weapon and the beckoning pine spirit skill.

Lu Bu boss strategy #1

First, go to the hidden village and respec all your points into earth.  You should probably have around 40, I had 48, at this time. Go into your earth spells and pick “Imposing slab“. Now go back to the fight. He has 2 red deflect moves. One he’ll slam his spear into ground and jump. If he does this, deflect it, get one maybe 2 strikes in and guard (not deflect) his hit. He’ll run away. You’ll want to watch out for his 2nd one. He’ll spin his spear and rush you.  Deflecting will stun him a bit longer than the first. Now, hold RT/R2 and spam the button for imposing slab.  You should be able to get his stun meter just about all the way up and knock him off in 1 shot.

Once he’s off the horse it becomes patience time. Guard his arrows, don’t deflect. ONLY deflect the red attacks and mini jump he does at you. For the red attacks, hit once then guard. For the mini jump, use beckoning pine or one attack then guard. Don’t deflect.  There’s too many attacks in his pattern and missing one gets you caught in a stun.

Right after you have him enough for a fatal strike, hit the imposing slab spam 3 times again and back off into a guard.  At this point,  his health will be below half and almost done. He’ll probably jump back on if you’re solo and don’t have companions to distract him. No worries if he does, just repeat the top step.

Lu Bu boss strategy #2

Use an all water build instead. Input Frost Lance and Water Spike. Follow the same directions above, but here you can spam the frost lance from a distance as it targets what you have locked on. For this water build, simply swap out the imposing slab for this water spike spam at the same times.

It depends on your play style as although the water spike deals less damage than the rocks, it balances out with the frost Lance. You should be able to get 3 shots at least with each one hitting about 40 damage every time. Combine this with the rest and he’s down in no time.

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Hope this helps you out with Lu Bu as he’s one of the hardest in the game. Let us know how you’re doing below!