Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed after poor reception

Warner Bros. Games
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A new report today has revealed that Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have delayed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League until an unannounced date later in the year after poor reception.

The latest State of Play by Sony presented a “deep dive” of gameplay for about 5 minutes. After all the success Rocksteady has had with the narrative drive story and combat in the Batman Arkham trilogy, fans were excited to see what they would do with the Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, the success of those Arkham games are nowhere to be found in this game’s setup. The game will instead serve as a four person co-op looter shooter with live service elements, require an always on connection and, by nature of the beast, remove all of the slower, cinematic scenes that made the Arkham games so loved.

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the squad is recruited to take out the good guys after they have been all mind controlled by Brainiac. The first trailer we saw Superman kill a bad guy, the second we saw Kevin Conroy return to voice a mind controlled Batman, and this last state of play showed off The Flash mind controlled. Only after being subdued by Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth does Flash reveal the only way to win is for her to kill the Justice League. She and the Suicide Squad look on in disbelief and the trailer ends.

Unfortunately, those getting excited that the entire game will change should temper the enthusiasm. A delay of only until the end of the year means it will undergo substantive polishing and fine tuning, but in no way will the entire setup be changed from a live service looter shooter. That would, of course, require a much longer delay and essentially be starting development entirely over. Check out the latest state of play video below and decide for yourself.

It is surprising to see such vitriol for a Rocksteady game, but it goes to show you that regardless of how good that studio is that makes it, gamers are strict with what they like. What do you think the changes will be? Let us know below.