EA discounting Madden 24 for those affected by Madden 23 Franchise issue

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Back in December, EA Sports announced that a bunch of Madden 23 online Franchise leagues have been corrupted and files have been erased. EA Sports was very apologetic, but lots of gamers were unhappy with this news. EA Sports would go on to say that they would be working on a fix to try and restore as many Franchise league files as they could, but they estimated that only about 40% of all the ones erased would be salvageable. This stroked even more anger out of the Madden 23 community.

An update has finally been released with an email from EA’s Sean Gaddy going out to various people’s emails about how EA plans on making things right with the Franchise leagues that could not be saved and have been deleted forever. The email goes on to state that the online Franchise leagues that could be recovered, have been and are now restored back to those users via a backup file. Just like we expected, a good portion of online Franchise leagues could not be recovered, and EA has devised a plan on how they can make it up to those who lost their precious Franchise leagues.

All impacted players will be receiving access to the Madden NFL 24 Closed Beta. The invite for the Closed Beta will only be good for registration on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. In addition to gaining access to the Closed Beta, all of those who have been affected will also receive 50% off of Madden NFL 24 when they go to purchase the game.

I know that it may be irritating to have lost some of your online Franchise leagues in Madden 23, but now you can purchase Madden NFL 24 at 50% off. Having 50% off doesn’t make what happened ok. In fact, having all of those files and leagues corrupted and erased should never happen under any circumstance. We are just at a point now where there is nothing that we can do or EA can do to recover a majority of the leagues, so this little deal is going to have to suffice.

Madden 23: EA Sports is making a very hefty promise. light. Also

Let’s be honest, if you are an avid Madden gamer, chances are you would be purchasing Madden 24 anyways and now you are going to be able to get it at half off. Are you happy with how EA Sports is handling the Madden 23 situation, or do you wish that they would offer even more than they have with 50% off?