Chained Echoes Achievement Guide: Endangered Species Unique Monsters

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Chained Echoes has a few missable achievements, but we’re here to help you out with them. Matthias Linda’s new 16-bit RPG is a throwback homage to classic SNES style games of the genre. Rich in lore and over 50 hours of game play, Chained Echoes will keep you occupied and entertained for plenty of time. One of the things you’ll need is the Endangered Species cheevo, which will task you with taking out all 15 of the game’s unique monsters. This can be done after the main story, so there’s no need to rush through. Chances are you won’t want to take on some of these before the main story ends anyway.

With 15 creatures roaming about, of course there are some tricks to finding and beating them. Below you’ll find a list of each monster’s location along with any specialized tips needed. If none are listed, then it’s simply up to your own strategy you’ve implemented while playing. Good luck and let us know what your favorite one was in the comments.

Fiorwoods Section

Ekskalibur – (Red) You’ll need to be in the location pictured above. Once here, run around the tree three separate times. This will cause Ekskalibur to spawn. A good way I found to defeat it was to start with Poetic March skill from Viktor to get the offensive buff. Follow that up with a defensive break like Alfred’s Will (Kylian) or another hero. I always kept Sienna in my party for her bleed effect from her skills. With fire as its weakness, I ended up using Oil Slash skill and Lenne’s fire thrust to augment the damage.

Arthros – (Blue) CAN ONLY BE SPAWNED AFTER DEFEATING EKSKALIBUR AND YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE AREA. You can’t teleport either. Once you defeat the sword, you have to go to the western areas with the circle bridges. A point of reference is up and immediately left of the teleport stone. If you go north, you’ll need to take on two different dragons. Going west will only net you one dragon fight. This is your better bet as it will take less time as they are pretty strong if you decide to give it a go before the end game.

Arkant Archipelago section

Otter Nobunaga – (Red) Make sure all your armor is removed in order to spawn the enemy. You can avoid the disadvantage placed here by using your sky armor once this is done. Located in the top, left section of the map. Once spawned, two or three attacks and he’s wiped out. If you don’t use the sky armor, then you’ll need to use your favorite strategy with no armor. Have fun.

Harry Otter – (Blue) In the southeast section (bottom right) of the map. It spawns as soon as you enter the area, but you’ll need a party of four magic users in order to do so. Simply arrange your party before you enter the area, and make sure to use your sky armor for a quick and easy fight. Once you enter the area, a couple hits and he’s wiped out.

Shambala Section

Aurora the Dragon – This is located in the top right of the map and it is an RNG spawn. If it’s not there, just fly out and right back in. It shouldn’t take more than a couple times to spawn. This one packs a punch even in your sky armor, but nothing too crazy. Simply use some offense and defense buffs on yourself while switching up defense debuffs and attacks to take it out. Over time attacks like poison help as well.

Golden Borb Bob – This is another RNG spawn. But, you’ll need to have accumulated at least 100k game currency for it to spawn. It does not need to be on you all at once as you can have less than that on you. However, that total amount needs to have been reached before it will spawn.

Perpetua Section

Humphrey the Hungry – (Blue) In the top of the Southeast section of the map (bottom right). Use your sky armor or you will be obliterated. Three sections of sand storms will pop up. They are all pretty much next to each other so it’s not that hard to find them. Once you get the third one, he’ll pop up.

Da Capo – (Red) In the top right of the Southwest section of the map (bottom left). Enter the cave and flip the switch. Now, leave and the annoying mushroom will be right there waiting for you. It’s insanely strong and I got caught up at first but was lucky enough to remember before I died. You have to take sky armor off to enter the cave. Make sure to flee the battle and put your sky armor back on before re-engaging with it or it will be a quick demise for you.

Kortara mountain section

Dwelley of the Valley – Middle of the southwest section of the map. You’ll need to fly to the tiny circle island in the center of the map section. As soon as you land on it, the monster will appear.

Gol D. Waterfly – RNG spawn. You’ll need to go to the tree area in the southeast area and take out a bunch of waterly first. I found about ten works nicely. Once you do that, fly to the northeast section on the area marked and you’ll see Gol D hanging out waiting for you.

Rohlan Fields section

Mimic – (Red) First time ever for me in a video game I had to fight a literal building. In the middle right section of the map there will be a building directly left of the windmill. It’s a fake mimic and goes down pretty much immediately without sky armor. Once you take it down, talk to the NPC in that area and you’ll get another reward for doing so.

Tak the Yak – (Blue) In the same section of the map as mimic, the middle right. It’s right at the bottom of the section, right on top of the Farnswood area. He’s a literal giant yak waiting for you. He has a fire weakness.

Leaping the Frog – (Purple) Northwest section of map, center of the area. A purple frog waiting outside the purple flame temple. Nothing specific of note for the fight.

Organe Grottos section – end game

Senior Tadeye – RNG and quest related. Buy an Incoybin Berry from the Goblin vendor during the Goblin’s dilemma quest. You need this because you’ll get insta-killed if you don’t. Once you have it, use teleport in center section of map and go to the section left of it. If the normal tadeye monsters are gone, the Senior one has spawned. You’ll know this before you get there. If the normal ones are there, simply teleport back and try again.

Bob the Real Gob – Quest related. Top right section of the mines map. You have to finish the Goblin’s dilemma quest and get the miner key from next to the goblin merchant. Go to the mines in rockbottom and take the elevator down. Use the miner key on the door, burn the totem and then good ole’ Bob will spawn.

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These should all net you the Endangered Species achievement and bring you one stop closer to that 100% marker. How are you doing so far? Let us know below. Chained Echoes is available now on PC and Xbox Game Pass.