Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween 2022 quests and rewards

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It’s spooky season in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Arriving alongside the recent update which added Scar from The Lion King were a handful of Halloween quests.

There are a total of five Halloween quests that you can complete, each one offering a special Halloween-themed reward. These are different than the rewards you can earn within the Villain Star Path, so you’ll definitely want to complete them if you want some spooky furniture for your home.

Below are each of the Halloween quests along with a brief explanation of how to complete them and their reward.

Trick or Treat Quest

This is a pretty easy quest. Simply give 10 gifts to the various characters around town. You must give a gift to a different villager, but it doesn’t have to be their favorite gift. Upon completion, you’ll receive a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin.

A Three-Course Halloween Meal Quest

Despite the name, there’s no cooking involved in this. Search the Plaza for candy buckets. You’ll need to find three different colored candy buckets to collect each of the different types of candy. Eat one of each colored candy and you’ll receive the Green Trick or Treater’s Bounty.

Villainy Wears A Mask Quest

All you have to do is order a mask from Scrooge’s store and then equip it. You’ll earn a Purple Trick or Treater’s Bounty.

Sugar Rush Quest

For this quest, you must eat 45 pieces of candy. Rewards are given at 15 pieces, 30 pieces and 45 pieces. While you can eat the candy that you collect from Halloween buckets, a more efficient method is to make your own. You can make candy at any cooking machine using Sugarcane, a Cocoa Bean or Vanilla. Completing this quest will get you a  Happy Jack-o’-Lantern (15), Mischievous Jack-o’-Lantern (30), and Friendly Jack-o’-Lantern (45), respectively.

Stockpiling Pumpkins Quest

Plant, grow and harvest 100 Pumpkins. You can purchase seeds from the Forgotten Lands biome. They cost about 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock. Pumpkins take about four hours to grow, so you’ll want to plant them, water them and then check back in a few hours. Completing this quest will earn you a Pumpkin Stack.