NBA 2K23: What’s included in each Edition of the game?

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NBA 2K23 was officially announced this week with a September 9, 2022 worldwide release. This year’s game will feature multiple cover athletes depending on which version of the game you buy. Five different Editions of NBA 2K23 are currently available, each coming with different pre-order bonuses. We’re here to break down what’s included in each edition of the game.

No matter what version of the NBA 2K23 you purchase, pre-ordering it will get you the following bonus content:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)
  • A Boost for each MyCAREER Skill type
  • A Boost for each Gatorade Boost type
  • Devin Booker MyPLAYER Jersey
  • 95 Rated Devin Booker MyTEAM Free Agent Card

Additionally, each specific Edition of the game offers its own exclusive digital bonus content. Read on to learn what’s included.

NBA 2K23 Standard Edition

  • $59.99 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The Standard Edition of NBA 2K23 features Phoenix Suns’ shooting guard Devin Booker on the cover. The Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC versions are priced at $59.99. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions cost $69.99.

It should be noted that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K23 can be played on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as long as they are in the same console family, but don’t expect to experience any next-gen content or enhancements. The next-gen features are only experienced through the specific next-gen versions of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions can not be played on last-gen consoles.

Additionally, you won’t be getting a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S with the Standard Edition of the game. Only the Digital Deluxe, Michael Jordan or Championship Edition include both versions of NBA 2K23 across console generations (from the same family). It’s also unclear if you’ll be able to pay a $10 upgrade fee (the difference in price) to go from last-gen to next-gen.

There’s no bonus content available with this Edition unless you pre-order.

NBA 2K23 Digital Deluxe Edition

  • $79.99 on PlayStation and Xbox

The Digital Deluxe Edition also features Devin Booker on the cover. The biggest difference here is that you’ll get access to NBA 2K23 across both generations of consoles as long as they are within the same family. If you currently own a last-gen console and plan to upgrade to a next-gen console, this is your best option if you want the cheapest upgrade path as there doesn’t appear to be an option to simply pay the $10 difference in price. And because the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions don’t work on last-gen consoles, you can’t just pay $69.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the following Digital Bonus Content:


  • 10K MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Tokens
  • 23 MyTEAM Promo PacksReceive 10 when you first launch the game
  • plus an Amethyst topper pack, then receive 2 per week for 6 weeks.
  • Sapphire Devin Booker and Ruby Michael Jordan MyTEAM Cards
  • 1 Free Agent Option Pack
  • 1 Diamond Jordan Shoe
  • 1 Ruby Coach Card Pack


  • 10 Boosts for each MyCAREER Skill Boost type
  • 10 Boosts for each Gatorade Boost type
  • 1 2-Hr Double XP Coin
  • 4 Cover Star T-Shirts
  • 1 Backpack and Arm Sleeves
  • 1 Custom-designed Cover Star Skateboard

NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition

This NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition is available exclusively at GameStop in the U.S. and Canada. It features Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi on the cover and comes with the following bonus content:

  • 1 Sue Bird Jersey in The W and in MyCAREER
  • 1 Diana Taurasi Jersey in The W and in MyCAREER

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition

  • $99.99

The legendary Michael Jordan is featured on the cover of the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition. This includes dual-gen access of the game on each console generation within the same console family. It comes with 100K Virtual Currency in addition to the MyTEAM and MyCAREER content included in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

NBA 2K23 Championship Edition

  • $149.99

The brand new Championship Edition costs a whopping $149.99 but includes a 12-month subscription to the NBA League Pass. It also comes with a 10% XP Boost on MyTEAM Season Progression, 10% XP Boost on MyCAREER Season Progression and an exclusive Michael Jordan-themed Go-Cart. You’ll also get 100K Virtual Currency and all of the content included in the Michael Jordan Edition. This will be available in limited quantities.