Xbox Games with Gold for June 2022 revealed

Every month that goes by, you can expect Microsoft to make some sort of announcement regarding new games that will be featured in the Xbox Games with Gold promotion. Right on cue, Microsoft did indeed make the Xbox Games with Gold announcement for June 2022, and it sees four games that Xbox Live Gold owners will be able to download and play for free.

As per usual, there will be four video games that will take part in the Xbox Games with Gold June 2022 promotion. These four games are as follows:

  • Aven Colony (June 1-30)
  • Super Meat Boy (June 1-15)
  • Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition (June 16-July 15)
  • Raskulls (June 16-30)

Starting off on June 1, you will have the option to download Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy. Aven Colony is a city-building game that will test out your abilities to take care of and create a colony to try and sustain life on an exotic planet. There are tons of areas to explore throughout the entire planet and mother nature will definitely try and put your colonizing skills to the test. After all, she isn’t going to make it easy on you.

Super Meat Boy will test out your patience in this iconic platforming game. Super Meat Boy is often considered one of the best platforming games of all time and has got nothing but good reviews. Your patience will indeed be tested because as you progress, the game gets extremely difficult. Overall, Super Meat Boy is a very well-designed game and should be a must-download for gamers as part of the Xbox Games with Gold for June 2022.

Then as you get halfway through the month, starting on June 16, Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition and Raskulls will be available to download for free. Project Highrise will be available to download for free all the way until July 15j. This game will put your architectural skills to the test as you try to build skyscrapers and attract business to all of your projects that the game has to offer.

Finally, Raskulls is a throwback to when it was first released 12 years ago. Another platforming type of game that has tons of levels for gamers to try and complete. The objective of the game is to get through each level as best and quickly as you can while doing it efficiently all at the same time. There is going to be tons of content that will surely help entertain you for hours in this game and it is worth checking out if you have never gotten the chance to do so in the past.

If any of these games interest you, you will soon be able to download them for free. What I always suggest is to give them a download and then if you don’t like it, you can always uninstall it. Once the game is downloaded it is yours to keep forever, even when the Xbox Games with Gold promotion is over with these games. Download each of these games and give them a shot and even if they are not what you expected them to be, you can uninstall them and you can always go back to them and give them another chance in the future. Either way, it is hard to pass up on free content when Microsoft throws it your way.