Nintendo Switch Sports: How to unlock Pro League

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Nintendo Switch Sports is a great throwback to one of the best-selling video games of all time, Wii Sports. Wii Sports was such a fan favorite that it became the centerpiece of a lot of family game nights. If you have been playing Nintendo Switch Sports offline, you have been casually grinding away and getting a feel on how to master each of the six various sports. If you have been playing Nintendo Switch Sports online at a decent pace, you may have noticed that you have unlocked Pro League for specific sports.

Explaining Pro League and how to unlock it

If you are competitive and love a good competition, Pro League is going to be great for you. Pro League is available for each of the six sports in Nintendo Switch Sports and adds a competitive ranking system to each of them.

All you have to do to unlock Pro League is to go online and play 10 online matches in each sport. That means if you are looking to unlock Pro League for every sport, you will have to play at least 60 online matches, 10 for each sport. It will be a little bit of a grind, but once you have Pro League unlocked, you will have it forever.

Once you unlock Pro League, it will unlock a ranking system for the specific sport that you unlocked it in. The ranking system goes from Rank E to Rank A. However, each letter has multiple tiers to get through before you can climb up to the next letter.

For example, once you get out of the E tier, you will need to go through D-, D, and D+ before you can reach C- and start climbing through the C tiers. The goal is to try and climb all the way to the top to become an A tier. The best part of all is that you will always be matched up against gamers with similar skill quality making each match as fair as possible.

If competitive gaming is not your thing, you always have a couple of other options to consider. The first would be to stick to offline play and simply grind away and try to master the mechanics of each sport. The other option would be to go into your User Settings and pause your Pro League progress. This won’t hurt your progress in any way, it simply just pauses it. You won’t gain any ranking progress for any online games that you play, but you also won’t lose any ranking progress either. It is a great way to gain some online experience without having to put your Pro League ranking on the line.

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So, there you have it. This is how you unlock Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports online. Try and get as many Nintendo Switch Sports as possible to an A Rank. It is not going to be a quick task, but it may be a fun one if you genuinely enjoy playing the game.